Jetlev-Flyer JF-300

Our top of the line model will exceed all your expectations, if you are looking for the real racing spirit.
It represents the ultimate in luxury, handling and performance.
The JF-300 is definitely the fastest and most agile Jetlev-Flyer in the world.

The JF-300 comes with a two years ltd. Warranty for Private use.

Any activities involving speed, heights, water or power equipment are inherently risky. Jetlev flying is no exception, but our extensive research on relative safety indicates that this activity is less dangerous than common outdoor activities such as driving, cycling, riding ATVs or personal watercrafts, waterskiing, parasailing, downhill skiing, or even playing basketball.

Specifications Boat Unit:

Hull & Deck


Length: 3,20 m
Width: 1,20 m
Height: 0,75 m
Weight (dry): 280 kg
Fuel capacity: 57 l


Type: 1630 ccm four stroke marine engine
3 cylinder
Closed loop cooling system
Supercharged with external intercooler
60 mm throttle body
Compression ratio: 8.4:1
Fuel type: 91 – 95 octane recommended


Ignition: Digital induction
Starter: Electric
Battery: 12 V

Hull & Deck

Complete visible carbon fibre made composite

Included in Delivery:

Boat Unit
Jetpack Stand
Remote Control
Transport Box
Individual flight training course

Boat Unit

Complete carbon fibre made hull
300 HP four stroke marine engine
closed loop cooling system
ECU with 4 power levels
Optimized for on board yacht storing
CE certified by German Lloyd (DNV-GL)


Complete carbon fiber made backrest
Incl. electronics with water sealed plugs
Student pilot key & professional pilot key
Adjustable arms
Adjustable seat


Hose 10 m
Made out of tightly woven textile, rubber-coated
Incl. wire and connectors
Hard-coat-anodized aluminum flanges
Protection nylon cover

Jetpack Stand

For proper jetpack storage and for comfortable buckle on procedure
Made out of complete hard-coat-anodized aluminum tubes

Remote Control

For training issues
Waterproof housing
On/off button remote control
On/off button 300 HP engine
Rotary knob for throttle control
Eye for neck-belt use

Transport Box

Approved for airfreight

Individual flight training course

2 – 3 days
Includes all maneuvers like take-off, flying, turning, hovering, landing and diving
Remote control use to train others
Incl. maintenance and service instructions


German Lloyd (DNV-GL) declaration of conformity
Certificate of origin (on request)